Internet of Things – Winter Is Coming? #CIOPeerForum


By: Vladimir Vracaric The number of connected devices is expected to grow exponentially from 11 to 80 billion in the next decade. It seems that every device is being upgraded into an IoT device, from smart light bulbs that conserve electricity when no one is around, to biological sensors that detect changes in the human …

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DX: How will it Impact your Organization?


Tesla – Driving Digital Transformation & Disrupting the Ecosystem Part 1 As organizations explore digital transformation (DX) and determine business value considering the buzz around Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data, it is essential to remember that DX is more than just a technology overhaul, DX is a journey that can transform business models, processes, …

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Internet of Things: Top 6 steps to automate your business processes


by Youssef Kabbani, Senior Strategy Manager – Internet of Things, Telus.         Businesses in any industry can improve their productivity by connecting to the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT solutions are changing the volume, variety and velocity of information businesses can collect and act upon. As companies today discuss digital transformation strategies, …

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Learn How Your Industry Is Utilizing IoT From The Industry Leaders That Know It Best – Industry and Business


We are pleased to share an excerpt from an article published on Media Planet by Ignacio Paz of Rogers Communications, in which Gary Davenport, President CIO Association of Canada, shares his insights on IoT: All Chief Information Officers (CIOs) are constantly searching for opportunities to improve their organizations’ efficiency and effectiveness. This pursuit means being able to …

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The Internet of Things – Webinar

In May 2015 a national webinar, hosted by Mary Anne Ballantyne, explored the hot topic The ‘Internet of Things’. The speaker for the event was Nigel Wallis, IDC Canada’s Director of Research Director for Vertical Markets. Association members Dave Codack, Shari Wallace, and Joe Schuldhaus provided input from their experience.