ITWC Digital Transformation Conference and Awards Ceremony

The inaugural Digital Transformation Conference and Awards event was held recently in Toronto, supported by the CIO Association of Canada.  The conference included fascinating panels looking at the impact of digital transformation on healthcare, the financial services sector and the customer experience.  The conference closed with a celebration of the widely divergent, cutting-edge Digital Transformation Awards winners.  
CIOCAN Past-President Gary Davenport was one of the judges for the competition.  Winning entries included the City of Toronto team that designed and implemented the processes for regulating the sharing economy (recently Uber and soon AirBnB) and the Humania Insurance team that has succeeded in digitizing both the front-end purchasing platform and the internal systems for issuing life insurance policies, reducing time required from 21 days to a few hours, or even less.   
The conference and awards were produced by IT World Canada. The recent special issue of CanadianCIO is dedicated to the Digital Transformation Awards, providing access to conference content and inspiring stories of digital success.