This article was submitted by​ Dawood Khan, Founder of TransformationWorx, a CIOCAN Partner offering the CIO Certified Blockchain Professional designation.

A few months ago, I was speaking at a Blockchain Meetup of over 500 attendees in Toronto. Several speakers remarked that living in the Blockchain space was like being in 1985 during the Internet’s early days. More recently another speaker noted that we are now in 1989, relative to the Internet era. “Wow,” I remarked, “we’ve grown four years in five short months, that’s 10 times (10x)  growth for you!”
Blockchain technology is moving so quickly that it’s challenging to keep up even for those of us within the area. And many professionals don’t yet understand the basics let alone the many critical subtleties one must consider when assessing it. One could argue that even some of the popular narratives and explanations of Blockchain are somewhat dated and may even be misleading. Click the link below to access an introduction to the key tenets of Blockchain, and some thoughtsabout where the technology is headed in the near future.