What you Need to Know About Digital Communications and Privacy

An Update on CASL Enforcement, Mandatory Breach Notification, and the EU’s GDPR.

CIOCAL Session September 21, 2017

Martin Kratz, QC, FCIPS and Partner with Bennett Jones, shared his recent experiences and insights on three aspects of privacy regulations and legislation:
1.    Recent court and CRTC decisions associated with Canada’s Anti-Spam legislation (CASL).  He provided several examples of organizations and individuals who had recently been successfully charged with violations of the CASL legislation and he provided his own insights and assessments of the implications for Calgary companies.
2.    Recently, the Canadian Federal Government has published its proposed amendments to PIPEDA to address breach notification requirements.  Martin provided a summary of the proposals and his assessment and perspectives of the implications for Alberta-based businesses and individuals.
3.    On May 25, 2018, the European Union will enact its General Data Protection Regulations.  These revisions implement new liabilities for organizations with business activities/presence in the EU and new rights for EU individuals.  There are substantial differences from existing Canadian legislation and significant implications for any organization that has operations, customers or suppliers in the EU.
This was the third time that Martin has shared his expertise with CIOCAL members and the session was excellent with a variety of insightful questions and discussion from attendees.  Association members can access a copy of Martin’s slides.  You need to be logged in to reach this “Members Only” area of the website.