CIO Peer Forum

Breakout Session: Steering Through Transformation: Leading an Auto Retailer Into the Future with Adaptive IT Strategies (Bow Valley Room – Lower Level)

Thursday May 30, 2:30 pm - 3:15 pm

Session Description

This session will unravel the tale of a major auto retailer’s transition from the brink of technological collapse to becoming a benchmark for innovation and operational excellence. This story goes beyond upgrading systems and improving infrastructure to fundamentally redefining the role of Information Management and Technology (IM&T) within the corporate fabric at AutoCanada. Attendees will learn about the transition from a ‘start-up’ mentality in data management and a low-functioning service provider in tech services to foundational teams that propel the company forward. Faced with a major store outage every five days and unreliable dashboards, our journey to revitalization centered on three key strategies: upskilling team members, fostering a culture of accountability, execution, and recognition, and redefining IM&T’s role within the organization. By embracing a comprehensive upskilling program, we equipped our team for future challenges and instilled a culture of continuous improvement. This cultural shift, coupled with a business-facing execution strategy and consistent recognition of team accomplishments, played a pivotal role in transforming IM&T’s image from a mere service provider to a strategic partner. This session will provide insights into navigating a technology transformation with adaptive leadership, emphasizing the importance of team development, cultural change, and strategic alignment of IM&T. Attendees will learn about practical approaches for upgrading IM&T infrastructure, creating a high-performance culture, and aligning IM&T goals with broader organizational objectives. Join us to discover how adaptive leadership can transform IM&T challenges into opportunities for growth and strategic advantage.