CIO Peer Forum

Plenary Session: Autism & Neurodiversity in the IT Workplace: A Toolkit for Managers (Mayfair/Endrooms)

Friday May 31, 9:30 am - 10:10 am

Session Description

Session workshop.

This session aims to redefine the managerial perspectives on neurodiversity, particularly Autism and ADHD. The latest studies have autism at 1 in 32 of the general population, with research showing a much higher population in STEM professions such as IT. The neurodiverse are part of our workforce already. By outlining what autism is and both the benefits and the needs for positive adjustments – this presentation provides an essential toolkit for fostering an inclusive and innovative culture that leverages the distinct advantages of our neurodiverse staff and supporting them in their work environments. This approach not only supports neurodiversity, reducing social and health struggles, it champions the ability towards increased innovation, efficiency, and organizational value.


  1. A better understanding of neurodiversity in the workplace, and its impacts.
  2. Strategies for inclusive leadership
  3. Building a workforce that is more resilient, responsive and diverse.