The Talent Dividend – Shifting Gears in a Changing Economy

January 31, 2018 

Ottawa. January 31, 2018 – Today the Information and Communications Technology Council’s (ICTC) released a pivotal report in partnership with Microsoft Canada. The report entitled “The Talent Dividend – Shifting Gears in a Changing Economy”  (version francais) expands on ICTC’s National Digital Talent Strategy and traces a new era of industrialization and socio-economic shifts that are expected to give way to frequent shifts in business models and employment prospects.

This report highlights: 
• Employment in the information and communications technology (ICT) sector;
• The rate of participation of women, youths, immigrants, and indigenous peoples in the ICT workforce
• Growth in the digital economy – Since 2016 alone, the digital economy has seen a growth of $2.43 billion GDP;
• The race to innovation that does not end at the Canadian border – Canada’s global digital footprint;
among others, key measures for building tomorrow’s talent while paving the way for an inclusive digital economy.
“We are currently witnessing a new era of global trade, industrialization, and socio-economic shifts that are largely being reshaped by digital technologies. This report carries important themes for repositioning Canada’s talent as a comparative advantage in a rapidly changing economy.” – said ICTC’s President & CEO, Namir Anani 

“This report shows the tremendous opportunity for Canada to lead in the digital economy. The rapidly growing AI ecosystems in Montreal and Toronto and the mixed reality hub in British Columbia are just a few examples of what’s possible for Canada. It is imperative that technology industry leaders work closely with schools, government and non-profits to ensure that all Canadians benefit from the promise of emerging technologies – by building the skills needed to thrive in the innovation economy.” – said Microsoft Canada President, Kevin Peesker

The imminent growth of technological integration requires a call to action. The Digital Talent Dividend discusses the key talent streams and how equipping them with essential digital skills is one way to effectively leverage and weather the disruptions of the digital economy. 

About ICTC:
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