Toronto Chapter: Advisory Dinner with Arista CEO, Jayshree Ullal

The Toronto chapter of the CIO Association of Canada recently provided a unique opportunity to about 20 members through their first sponsored advisory meeting of the season.  The chance to interact with someone who has built a $2 Billion business doesn’t come along all that often!

The evening provided a terrific learning opportunity, and Arista Network’ CEO Jayshree Ullal lived up to her billing.  Beyond learning more about her company and products, there was excellent discussion  about managing multiple cloud environments, optimizing compute loads and how cooperation between some of the major players in the industry can bring about revolutionary change.

Feedback from participants articulates the benefits of this type of event generally, and this particular speaker and sponsor:

“I thought it was excellent. Great discussion. I think it was a win, win on both sides because Arista is not well known. The group of CIOs got to know them a little bit better. And in fact, many of them said I wish a knew about you years ago. It gave them some visibility and they provided a lot of insight in terms of the state of the industry to the CIOs. It was a great exchange. ”

Kyoko Kobayashi, CIO | University Lecturer & Course Designer, U of T


“What struck me about Jayshree was her authenticity.  How passionately she feels about the key design principles of her company’s software was especially impressive and a lesson for us all on what we should expect and deliver in terms of quality. We will be looking to have similar sessions with Arista and other leading organizations throughout this season. “

Jonathan Landon, President, Toronto Chapter CIO Association, Connectiv Innovation.