Zaynah Bhanji

Zaynah is a 15-year-old machine learning and virtual & augmented reality developer from Toronto, Ontario. She began her journey developing neural networks as well as virtual reality experiences at 13 and is now the founder of Vital XR, an augmented reality platform to educate students about human body systems and organs. Throughout her journey, companies like Google, CIBC, TD, and Microsoft have been supporting her. Zaynah is also a huge advocate for women and girls in technology and speaks to many girls to inspire them to pursue their interests in technology. Her mentors and advisors represent some of the leading companies in the AI and VR/AR space. Last summer, she interned at CIBC Digital.

CIO Peer Forum 2019, Day 2: Keynote speaker

Title: The Power of Artificial Intelligence and Exponential Technologies to Solve the World’s Hardest Problems

Artificial intelligence will create a significant impact by solving the world’s biggest problems including poverty, healthcare, climate change, and food security. During her presentation, Zaynah will talk about how artificial intelligence will solve these core issues by connecting with other exponential technologies such as quantum computing, virtual reality, and genetic engineering. Zaynah will also explain the implications of this new technology for large industries like agriculture, security, and healthcare.

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