Digitizing Your Business: Buzzword or Reality? CIOCAL Round-table March 22, 2017


At our Calgary Chapter gathering on March 22, we had an opportunity to explore how our members were approaching their own innovation initiatives.  The discussion was vigorous as we explored how the Dobbin Monitor Deloitte model (introduced by Geoffrey Cann on February 16) could be used by our own members to assess where they might exploit …

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How Bruce Croxon would startup Lavalife today


This article originally appeared on the  ITWorld Canada website on Thursday, April 13, 2017. Bruce Croxson was a keynote speaker at the CIO Peer Forum 2017, in Edmonton April 26-27.    by Brian Jackson  @brianjjackson  If Bruce Croxon could go back to 1988 and his startup days at Lavalife again, with the power of hindsight, …

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DX Agents: The Collected Blog Series


Below is the content of a blog series published on the CIOCAN website.  The first entry is the original announcement of the DX Agents undertaking.  The next pieces, written by Dawood Kahn, use examples like Tesla, Blockchain, and Netflix to illustrate the digital transformation journey.  Read this document, and you will begin to appreciate the importance …

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New Chapter President for CIOCAL


The Calgary Chapter Board of the CIO Association of Canada has elected John Vince, Director, Enterprise Architecture & Enablement, for Shaw Communications as its new President, effective immediately. Regarding his appointment, Vince says “I am thrilled and honored to lead our Chapter in a time where business and technology are converging and technology leaders are …

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Managing Innovation in the Digital Economy: It’s not just technology


We have all been well aware of UBER’s impact on the taxi industry here in Calgary, and how the taxi sector was ill-prepared to deal with the changes brought about by digital technologies (smart phones, google maps, PayPal, cloud computing). They are catching up but not before losing market share and significant company and license …

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Managing Innovation – Presentation by Geoffrey Cann

The Calgary Chapter event held on February 16, 2017, featured a presentation by Geoffrey Cann, of Monitor Deloitte.  The slide deck from his presentation is available to CIO Association members.  Click on the presentation icon below to download the resource.

Edmonton Event: Cybersecurity Imperatives – Feb 28/17

The Edmonton Chapter high-profile event held on February 28, 2017, featured a presentation by John Davis, retired U.S. Army Major General, current VP and Federal CSO for Palo Alto Networks.  The slide deck from his presentation is available to CIO Association members.  Click on the presentation icon below to download the resource.  

Digital Business Transformation Event

David Oh, CIO, VP Innovation & Technology Services at AGLC and David Booth, Chief Information Officer at City of Edmonton, led a stimulating round table conversation on digital business transformation, machine learning and AI. Attendees shared their perspectives on the challenges and opportunities available from the disruption of traditional business contexts. Digital leaders who are …

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Can we Spread the Good Word?


CIOCAN is seeking individuals with knowledge, experience and expertise in digital marketing to work on the National Marketing Committee alongside the National Marketing Director.  We are specifically looking for volunteers with expertise in any of the following areas: Social media (Twitter, LinkedIn) Blogging Website (such as menu structure, page layouts, – any restructuring that needs …

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Digital Transformation Awards


The CIO Association of Canada is partnering with IT World Canada and IDC on a new national awards program highlighting excellence in digital transformation.  The Digital Transformation Awards are designed to recognize the best examples of business or organizational digital transformation in the country. It is open to all Canadian businesses and government institutions. It’s hard …

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CIOCAL Event Summary – Breakfast with Bob Schulz


"How do you even begin to develop appropriate, plausible scenarios for the impacts, opportunities and implications of emerging digital technologies on you and your organization?  This is a challenging issue facing many of our members.  Where do I start?  What's a helpful and practical way to think about these things?  And, then, … what do …

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Imperatives for Cybersecurity Success  Edmonton Chapter High-Profile Event


CIOCAN members and senior IT executives who are able to be in Edmonton on Tuesday, February 28 will want to be at that Westin Edmonton Hotel to hear John Davis, retired U.S. Army Major General and VP and Chief Security Officer of Palo Alto Networks explain the paradigm shift required for cybersecurity success:  from threat detection to …

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