Chris Buchanan | Chief Technology Strategist | DevFacto

Chris Buchanan is the Chief Technology Strategist at DevFacto, a Canadian based technology firm. With over 15 years of experience designing, developing and implementing technology solutions across a broad range of industry verticals including government, health care, oil and gas and utilities, Chris helps organizations break down the barriers to positive organizational change. In his day to day work, he is responsible for connecting technology with the complex challenges that organizations are facing today.

His results-oriented leadership style and an ability to communicate fluently with executive stakeholders across business and technology results in engaging solutions that enhance collaboration, communication, and productivity across digital workplaces.

The work Chris and his team have done has resulted in improved access to internal information and knowledge sharing, the ability to make decisions faster and more confidently through access to real time data, streamlining collaboration between employees, customers, and partners, and the automation of complex business problems.

Virtual CIO Peer Forum

The Changing Shape of Digital Transformation in the Post-COVID-19 Era

Our world is rapidly, exponentially and perpetually changing. This has never been more evident than over the last several months; every notion of business is evolving as a result. Now more than ever, digital transformation is vital to the future of your business. The truth is, even before COVID-19, the business world was changing at a pace that was hard to keep up.

Those businesses that had already embraced a culture of change and realized their digital transformation goals might have been better prepared for this disruption than others. For others, it’s been a challenge. This does not mean you should hunker down and wait out COVID-19, it’s time to rev up your digital engine and position yourself for growth when the pandemic subsides.

In this session, Chris will explore:
  • What COVID-19 means for digital transformation
  • The new stages of digital transformation and how to move through them effectively
  • The most common pitfalls that organizations experience during digital transformation and how to avoid them
  • The post-COVID-19 digital era and how to harness technology and innovation to lead your organization into the future
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