November CIOCAL Breakfast: “How Do I get Shortlisted for a CIO Search”

At one point or another most of us have wondered what exactly is going on behind the curtain during an executive search process. “What does the recruitment process look like?”, “Why does it take so long?”, “How can I best partner with an executive search firm?”, “What do they look for when they scan a resume?”, “What CIO roles are in demand right now?”. . .   
These questions and many more were fielded by the good people from DHR consulting Shahauna Siddiqui, Bryan Arthur, and Sarah Hawitt, who made the time to shed some light on this mysterious process. Technology did not stand a chance as it was all eyes up front as these excellent speakers made the experience personal and practical. Audience members came away with new insights and are most definitely better prepared for the next time opportunity knocks.

You had to attend in order to get the slideware.  If that is not incentive enough to join future breakfast meetings we don’t know what is!

Stephen Lefebvre is a member of the Calgary Chapter Board.