Ransomware: It’s Not If, It’s When (and it’s gonna hurt) CAL event Oct 18/16

Recent experiences with ransomware attacks have struck very close to home here in Calgary. No organization or individual is immune to the attack attempts and several local organizations have had their data and networks attacked, compromised or completely disabled. The risk is high. The probability is almost certain. What can we do?

On October 18, we asked Dr. Tom Keenan, a globally-recognized expert on cyber security and author of Technocreep, to share with us his knowledge, experiences and advice while leading a discussion on this threat and what we can do about it. To round out the discussion, we were joined by an Alberta Crown prosecutor, a representative of a local law firm, and two members of the Calgary Police Service Cyber Investigations Response Team. Tom’s views are that we will all experience a ransomware attack at some time in the near future and we’d best recognize the implications and prepare for it. The emerging Internet of Things technologies open new threat possibilities. Existing digital equipment is very likely insecure and when it gets connected to our corporate networks they will be exposed to internet access. The most seriously-exposed sectors are in healthcare, transportation (air and automotive), and public infrastructure (water, electricity, emergency services).

Education, vigilance, air-gap backups, emergency response plans that are regularly updated and tested, and deliberate, regular coordination with insurance, advisory and police investigative services are all important aspects of responding when we experience this kind of attack.

Association members can access the slide deck from this event by going to the Presentations from Previous Events page of the website.