Telus/CIOCAN Toronto Advisory Board

Telus has once again joined CIOCAN as one of our two National Thought Leaders for 2017. Our joint activity this year will include a chapter-based Advisory Board in Toronto. This roundtable group will focus on digital transformation to discuss and develop new industry insights to better serve CIOs in their digital journey. As a CIOCAN participant, you can showcase your expertise and knowledge and will undoubtedly benefit from the exchange of ideas and networking opportunities.

The Telus/CIOCAN Advisory Board is an assembly of 8 CIOCAN volunteer contributors together with 8 CIOs from Telus’ enterprise customer base in Toronto. This combined group will meet in four, two-hour roundtable sessions to be held downtown at Telus’ Toronto Executive Innovation Centre to share their insights and experience in current DX trends that challenge our members and their non-member counterparts alike.

As the ‘voice of the CIO’, this is your opportunity to represent CIOCAN at a Chapter level. The Advisory Board contributors will be featured on CIOCAN’s website and cross promoted by Telus.

Highlights from these sessions will be documented by CIOCAN’s National office and published with Telus bringing a co-branded industry view of the key findings of the group.

Advisory topics under consideration:

  • How to jump over the IT skills divide: Digital disruption waits for no one
  • Stakes are rising: Remaining competitive in a digital world
  • Shifting economics: Data as the new black
  • Innovation impasse: Balancing legacy and cloudification
  • Securing your business universe: May the firewall be with you OR; Securing the digital minefield
  • Creating a culture of Innovation – how to accomplish, and navigate the challenges/barriers

If you would like to participate in the Telus/CIOCAN advisory board, please signal your interest by contacting

Ken Rowley
Director, Client Services
CIO Association National Board