Women in Technology: Insights from Christine Day, CIO, Questrade Financial Group

This post and video are part of a series exploring Leaders in Technology: Women in IT. As we look forward to the upcoming event hosted by our Toronto chapter, Women in Technology: Words into Action, we are pleased to share the insights of Christine Day, CIO, Questrade Financial Group.

“How do you push through during hard times?” That’s what we asked Christine Day, CIO of Questrade Financial Group.

Her answer was about the positive side of stubbornness is determination and perseverance. That’s what happens when stubbornness combines with optimism and a drive to push things through till completion. When Christine needs to recharge her power, she asks herself what is her responsibility and who is it that she serves. Most of the time its her team and more importantly its the customer and the mission of the organization.

Introduce IT to young women and girls as early as possible. Act as a role model, by providing mentorship to men and woman. Show the tremendous career you can have in IT as either a man or women.

About Christine Day:

Christine Day is a performance-driven technology and business leader known for disruption in the Financial Services Industry. An entrepreneur by nature, an innovator, and a visionary, Christine has defined Questrade’s technology posture for 11 years, steering it from a small start-up to one of Canada’s top online financial services firms. As the CIO at Questrade Financial Group, Christine led the growth of the technology team from 8 to 160 IT staff in 3 countries. In tandem, she led the creation of Questrade’s suite of proprietary brokerage systems including an industry-leading, low-latency, direct access trading platform for equities on all North American markets. Christine offers a unique blend of objective analytical thinking, creativity, curiosity, and the tenacity to deliver results. She is a passionate advocate for consumers and digital transformation and thrives on challenge. Christine is responsible for a fundamental change in Canada’s regulatory posture and the introduction of Canada’s first robo-advisory platform. Questrade is consistently ranked as the fastest growing online brokerage and one of Canada’s best-managed companies for 6 consecutive years with business success fueled by emergent technology adoption and innovation.

Christine has been part of the Board of Directors for CIOCAN for 2 years and counting. With an initial focus on growing our membership, Christine now focusses on further enhancing the mentorship program for CIOCAN.