This post and video are part of a series exploring Leaders in Technology: Women in IT. As we look forward to the upcoming event hosted by our Toronto chapter, Women in Technology: Words into Action, we are pleased to share the insights of Rita Lazar-Tippe, Director of Analytics, Data Governance and Artificial Intelligence, Alberta Pensions Services Corporation (APS).

Rita was asked “What are your thoughts about women in IT?”.

Research shows that gender diversity benefits companies. Women are under-represented in the technology sector, and the trend of females taking science, math and computing courses continues to decline. Women in IT shouldn’t be viewed as a quota to attain, it’s about the compliment of competencies that the individual contributes to the team and organization.

Rita was asked “What advice would you give young professionals?”

Rita’s advice to young professionals is to understand the organization, the people, culture and how technology can be leveraged to drive business value, enhance products and services.



About Rita Lazar-Tippe:

Rita Lazar-Tippe has more than 25 years of experience in Transformational Information Technology and Innovation, within the following industries: environment, entertainment, media, education, engineering, service providers and federal and provincial government.

As leader of the Environmental Monitoring and Science Division – Oil Sands Monitoring Open Data initiative, Rita is responsible for the overall IT strategy, innovation, data management, business efficiency and operational management.

Rita was selected to the Top 20 most Innovative Midmarket CIOs and Midsize Enterprise Summit CIO 50 Group, a group of IT executives that have contributed to the advancement of their organization through the innovative use of technology solutions that have demonstrated leadership and considerable business value.

She holds an Honours Bachelor’s Degree in Information Systems Technology, has graduated from University of Alberta Executive Leadership, Dale Carnegie Organizational Leadership, International Association of Venue Management programs and completed a number of other business and technology-related certifications.

Rita has been a member of the CIO Association of Canada since 2009 and has served on the National Board since 2013.