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The Calgary Chapter is a large but close-knit group of professionals who honestly and enthusiastically share new ideas, wax techno-philosophical, and solve complex problems together. Our diverse group contributes to a collective intelligence that spans industries, sectors, education, and experience levels. We welcome new members!

Ross Ballendine
Calgary Chapter President

“Membership in the CIO Association of Canada offers a unique opportunity for connecting with IT leaders across Canada. As IT leaders we are often seeking common goals and working to overcome common challenges, and we therefore have a great deal to offer each other. My network has expanded significantly as a result of my membership in the CIO Association of Canada, and each connection provides the opportunity to be challenged by an entirely different perspective. As IT leaders we understand that technology leadership cannot occur in a vacuum – that we need to be connected to a community of peers. The CIO Association of Canada has proven itself to be that community.”

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Welcome Jess Moss!

Jess Moss Director is an IT Services at H&R Block Canada for almost 3 years.  His areas of Specialization include: Business Alignment/Relationship Management, Business Intelligence, Business Process Alignment/Support, IT Competencies/Culture. ...

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New Chapter President for CIOCAL

The Calgary Chapter Board of the CIO Association of Canada has elected John Vince, Director, Enterprise Architecture & Enablement, for Shaw Communications as its new President, effective immediately. Regarding his ...

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Managing Innovation in the Digital Economy: It’s not just technology

We have all been well aware of UBER’s impact on the taxi industry here in Calgary, and how the taxi sector was ill-prepared to deal with the changes brought about ...

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Welcome John Schutte

John is the Director of Information Technology at the Calgary Catholic School District and he was worked there for over 19 years.  His areas of specializatin include: Business Alignment/relationship Management ...

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Welcome Marc Mousseau

Marc is the CTO West Region for OnX Enterprise Solutions.  He has been with OnX for almost 2 years.  His areas of specialization include: Business Process Alignment/Support, IT Architecture, IT Competencies/Culture, ...

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CIOCAL Event Summary – Breakfast with Bob Schulz

"How do you even begin to develop appropriate, plausible scenarios for the impacts, opportunities and implications of emerging digital technologies on you and your organization?  This is a challenging issue ...

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CAL The Best of Gartner 2016, Nov 17, 2016

In our technology leadership roles, we are all challenged with monitoring emerging technologies, ensuring reliability and relevance for the information resources we maintain and use, setting strategic direction, and pursuing ...

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Ransomware: It’s Not If, It’s When (and it’s gonna hurt) CAL event Oct 18/16

Recent experiences with ransomware attacks have struck very close to home here in Calgary. No organization or individual is immune to the attack attempts and several local organizations have had ...

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Lunch with IBM’s Watson

Cognitive computing, artificial intelligence, or augmented intelligence: no matter what name is used, this disruptive technology will create transformative change in many industries. The Calgary Chapter September luncheon event was ...

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CIOCAL Discussion: Cognitive Computing

What happens when you bring together our CIOCAL members with an industry leader in Cognitive Computing? You get a vibrant discussion that explores the future of artificial intelligence (AI) and its impact ...

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CEO CIO Alignment Program

A webinar held on March 2 introduced the CEO CIO Alignment Program.  If you missed the webinar, you can watch a recording of the session here.    You will be ...

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Gartner Insights

Attendees enjoyed an evening of stimulating content and peer-to-peer networking.

Gartner Insights 2016

If you missed the Gartner Insight 2016 event in Calgary on January 21, 2016, you missed out!  Attendees enjoyed the topic which was an excellent mix of leadership, psychology and ...

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Calgary Board Gains Strength

As part of our continued effort to enhance engagement and improvement to our chapter, the following 2 members have been elected to be part of the Calgary CIOCAN Board.  ...

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