CIOCAN Members on Innovation

Nowhere is the changing landscape of customer expectations and technology more evident than in financial services. From smartphones to wearables, customers are demanding a more personalized engagement, allowing their banking experiences to be seamless across all channels. These expectations have increased both the potential for, and complexity of creating a positive customer experience.  Successful financial institutions will realign their strategy and invest in technology that can automate processes and satisfy the more tech-savvy customers.

Steve Delaney, CIO of MCAP, discussed innovation and its impact on how he needs to manage his business.  Being CIO of a financial institution, innovation has to be at the forefront. The world is changing so dramatically – technology has to keep pace.    

 “Innovation is affecting the technology we use, it’s affecting the processes we use and it’s affecting people because they have to constantly go back for continued education to get new skills.  In my organization, we’ve moving out of data centers into the cloud.  I’ve brought Agile into our organization in terms of software engineering. Instead of long, drawn out, three-year projects, we’re delivering software in sprints in iterative development, and we’re delivering production software every two weeks.”.

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