CIO Peer Forum

Interactive Session: Gender Smender –  We can do better in Canada! (Mayfair/Endrooms)

Thursday May 30, 4:05 pm - 4:45 pm

Session Description

While diversity, inclusion and equity often live within HR, our infrastructure, platform, development, and tech teams are often the most underrepresented groups. As we all are struggling for skilled talent, how are we going to identify, grow and develop teams if we keep looking for the same people over and over again.

Join us for a truly unique fireside chat with a bit of fun too. Together we will explore the distinct advantages for all CIOs and Senior IT Leaders to raise their voices and wield their influence in an environment where all people want to join, stay, and thrive in their careers under your leadership. Inclusive workplaces have more productive employees, have a distinct competitive advantage, consistently drive better business results, and they have lower rates of employee turnover.  

We have heard about the broken rung, leaky pipe, glass ceiling, the great break up, quiet quitting and more metaphors but those are conversations are often among women and people of colour. We continue to have less than 20% representation in management and leadership positions. What does your team look like in both management and individual contributors?

Join Corinne Sharp, Co-Founder of The WIT Network, Catherine Boivie, Founder of CIOCAN 20 years ago and Kin Lee-Yow, CIO at CAA, where they will share thought provoking insights and best practices for our members to consider as we venture into new tech waters with cyber, AI and ever-evolving needs of the business.