CIOCAN Members in Innovation

Innovation is daring to do things smarter, faster, and better, and is fundamental to continued growth and job creation in Canada.  Top of mind for CIOs, innovation is the key to establishing Canada’s place in the world in this age of constant change and disruption. How to achieve this is the big question. Humza Teherany, President of the CIO Association of Canada was recently asked for his answer:

“If CIOs are able to actually take on innovative technology projects that are business focused, and prove that those projects can positively influence and impact the business, they will achieve a seat at the table.  It’s up to us to show what we can do and collaborate with our peers internally and externally.   That includes marketing, finance and operations. CIOs have to get out of their offices, which they’re doing much more of, and go and collaborate with other business leaders.”

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